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Report by ExLibris - Nottingham

The last of 2018

ExLibris will be having a stall at the second Nottingham Radical Bookfair on November 17th at Nottingham Mechanics Institute, 3 North Sherwood Street, from 10.30 am till 5.00 pm. We have recently been donated some interesting books on politics, history &c which we will be bringing along, together with a selection from our exciting fiction stock. Let ExLibris solve your Christmas present problems - why not give your mum the complete works of Lenin?

There is also crazy talk among the High Command of holding something called a Jolabokaflod Booksale in December. This would be another of our small scale winter sales which takes place only in the garage and front porch. Apparently, Jolabokaflod refers to the Icelandic custom of exchanging books as presents on Christmas Eve, then retiring to bed to read the books while eating chocolate. Reading in bed while consuming chocolate (and alcohol) is certainly something that ExLibris Engineering Services can support 110%. However, this department is doing its best to discourage the project as the garage still looks like a disaster area, even all these months after the Megabooksale. There are two shelf units which still have to be mounted on big castors for the new non-fiction display scheme - the list of tasks is endless. But watch this space - wiser councils may not prevail.

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