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Report by ExLibris - Nottingham

ExLibris 2021


Spring Silent Auction 2021 On-line

By now some of you will be suffering serious second-hand bookshop withdrawal symptons. No spring Megabooksale this year to alleviate your cravings I'm afraid, but, but there is going to be a silent auction on-line of some of our special books and some that are a bit cheaper. Bidding starts on Tuesday, April 20th and ends on Tuesday, May 11th. Charities supported are Host Nottingham (finding rooms for asylum seekers and refugees) and We R Here (supporting children, young people and their families through traumatic life events). You can choose which charity you want your bid to support. To browse our exciting selection and bid, go to:

On both sites, the book selection is on two pages, so please click on MORE... to see more books. If your PC or laptop is elderly, the low resolution might cause the above websites to look a bit odd. That's 'wix' for you. Just press on regardless, remembering to scroll all the way down.

Meanwhile, the weather is much better so we've put our old car roof box out the front of ExLibris Depot with some free books in it (see picture right). Please help yourself.

As for a full Megabooksale in 2021 - we really don't know yet; with new Covid variants coming in all the time, and occasional hiccups in vaccine supply, it just depends on how the situation goes. Madame Director and the Head of Engineering Services have both had their first jabs. For a September sale, we would have to decide by early July. Watch this space.

ExLibris 2020

We thought it might be possible to have the booksale later in the year, but the situation has not improved as much as we would like so this is very unlikely. A booksale now, though legal (probably??), would require distancing, queuing to go in and cleaning of handled books. Adequate protection for all volunteers would be essential. The cafe would be difficult if not impossible. In short, not the pleasant event everyone has been used to.

Again, we want to extend sincere thanks for all the advice we had in reaching our original decision to cancel, as well as the offers to help get new leaflets printed. We do feel your goodwill, and that’s precious to us. Please all take care of yourselves and each other.

We’ve heard from the charities who were hoping to benefit from this sale, and they understand this decision. Hopefully, we’ll be able to support them either later in the year, or else in 2021.

Below, we have listed a few books; anyone who wants them can email or message us. We stopped doing this for the duration of lockdown, but are resuming it now travel restrictions have been eased. Let me make it clear that despite the empty rhetoric of bluffer Johnson, the lockdown still goes on at ExLibris Depot; The books will be put in our front porch for you to collect. Your payment can go through the letterbox. Please don't use public transport to get here. If you have already claimed some of the books on display, don't worry we'll save them for you. If we see you, we'll give you a cheery wave through the window!

This system is still at the development stage, so please bear with us!

Here are some of our books you can still buy!

(please note, this system is still experimental!)

Below is a very small selection from our stock; if anything takes your fancy, please email boraxwoman-exlibris(at) (the '(at)' is an anti-spam device - change it to '@' to use address). It will be wrapped and left in our front porch for you. Just put the money through the letterbox.

The list should change as books are sold and/or new ones added, so keep an eye on it! This implies a dynamic, quick response, fast-changing web site - something that the web site management have not been especially good at in the past... we'll see how it goes.

We understand that you may not want to come here to collect your selection for a while, so we will keep them for you, wrapped up, with your name on.

CHILDREN! Click here to go to Childrens' books at the bottom of this page.

Rommel? Gunner Who? by Spike Milligan. 208 pages, average condition for age £0.50

The Horses of Falaise by Victor West. 48 pages, good condition. Signed by the author. £15.00

Italy Provincial Art Southern Italy and the Islands. 79 pages, quite good for age £0.50

Naming of the Arrow by James Sutherland-Smith. 60 pages, good condition. Scarce. Poetry. £5.00

Slow Dancer 11. 48 pages, poetry/literary mag published from Nottingham. Good condition. £0.20

Italy Provincial Art Northern Italy. 120 pages, a bit grubby, but not bad. £0.50

Italy Provincial Art Central Italy. 108 pages, a bit grubby, but not bad. £0.50

Keats (Penguin poets). 310 pages. Scarce. Very nice condition for age. Very slight crease on front cover. £2.00

A Short History of English Drama by B Ifor Evans. 172 pages, not bad, except spine detaching from cover on top half of book. £0.50

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. 158 pages, v good for age. £1.00

Poetry of Northeast Scotland, James Alison (ed). 178 pages, v good inside. Cover a bit grubby, and sticker on back cover. £5.00

The Goldfish Speaks from beyond the Grave by Jim Burns. 64 pages, poems. Nice condition except it looks like something was peeled off top of back and front covers tearing the laminate. £1.00

The Spade of my Father by Leslie A. Richardson. 50 pages, very nice condition. Scarce. £5.00

Krapp's Last Tape and Embers by Samuel Beckett. 39 pages, jacket could be cleaner but inside is good. £3.00

Protocols of Reading by Robert Scholes. 164 pages, good and clean. Some pencil annotations. Hardback with good DJ. £2.00

Lost in Translation by Charlie Croker. 176 pages, good condition hardback with DJ. £0.30

Woods and Mirrors by Jack Carey. 78 pages, poems, v good condition. £3.00

The Two Cultures: and A Second Look by C. P. Snow. 107 pages, DJ shows signs of age. Book good. £4.00

Childrens' books

All books in this section are 10p.

We have a lot of childrens' books - we'll be putting more up soon!

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